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The Nightmare Nexus - cover

‘The Nightmare Nexus’ is COMING SOON!

This bestiary sourcebook is currently in production. Once delivered to Kickstarter backers, it will be available on

Legends of the Bards cover image

Discover ‘Legends of the Bards,’ a 60-page 5e supplement that brings lore and song to life. Engage with captivating NPCs like Sir Lawrence the Doomed, and face fearsome creatures like Hrimthursar the giant rime revenant and Verdenthrax the green dragon. Explore a rich world of Bardic tales, songs, and over a dozen adventure hooks. Unearth mechanics, quests, and poetic inspiration—elevate your storytelling and embark on your next epic quest!

Guilds, Costers, and Cabals cover

Dive into ‘Guilds, Costers, and Cabals,’ a 50-page 5e RPG supplement. Encounter unique organizations like the elusive Shadow Syndicate and the adventurous Compass Rose Cartographers. Engage with unforgettable NPCs like Kethra, the expert vermin-catcher, and Erevanti Al-Hazred, the daring alchemist wizard. Uncover lore, mechanics, and secrets—your next thrilling adventure awaits!

The Curse of Hexenhof cover

Embark on ‘The Curse of Hexenhof,’ a gripping 5e D&D adventure for levels 1-3. Unravel the mystery of the elusive Withering Tower, the source of a curse erasing memories in Hexenhof. Battle kobolds, confront cultists, and navigate the treacherous Wudu forest with its own ‘Random Encounter’ table. Time is ticking—can you lift the curse and save the villagers? Start your quest today!

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Tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) are the best, and I’m all about crafting valuable, worthwhile supplements and immersive adventures to create unforgettable gaming sessions. Growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s, I have a soft spot for Old-School Revival RPGs. I cut my teeth on D&D’s Basic/Expert (B/X) rulebooks and especially love the revised Mentzer editions. I often get lost in the nostalgia of my youth for those classic games, but I’m also thrilled to play modern editions—so I delve into both, and that’s what you’ll get with WBG.

Starting with 2023’s “The Nightmare Nexus,” WBG’s sourcebooks are compatible with the world’s most popular fantasy RPG’s fifth edition (5e) as well as with OSR classics by using Necrotic Gnomes’ OSE (Old-School Essentials) rules. Most of WBG’s books cater to both, although some future publications will delve deeper into one over the other.

As a modest one-person outfit, WBG is constantly exploring opportunities. I love to conspire with fellow gamers and connive with fellow publishers, so please reach out! I want to hear from you. Players and colleagues, come one, come all!

Besides this website, check out our DTRPG page and definitely make sure to visit WBG’s Kickstarter profile. Who knows, I might be running a campaign right now! Don’t miss it!

Thanks for reading this far, and thanks for visiting.

Joe @WyvernBladeGames

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